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Public Cloud

Infotree’s Public Cloud model offering lets an organization’s multiple users to access the computing resources based on pay-per-use model that enables the clients to reduce the capital expenditure on IT infrastructure and boost performance while improving the availability of data.

As a Public Cloud provider, we provide better security as we perform due diligence on the organization to make sure their usage is highly regarded. Our Public Cloud Services enables automated provisioning of virtual servers running preferred operating systems (OS) in a short time. Our Public Cloud services also include customizable virtual servers, secure cloud networking, and storage.

• Reduce your Personal Hardware Costs
• Access Data Stored on the Cloud from Anywhere
• Information can be shared by many People Simultaneously
• Scale your Cloud to meet your Needs
• Public Cloud Infrastructures provides clients with Smooth, On-Demand Scalability
• Users share the same Infrastructure Pool with Limitations Wholly Managed and Supported by Infotree



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Global Delivery Model

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