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Platform as a Service

Infotree’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering is the best-fit option for Businesses of all sizes, especially for the small businesses since it helps them to achieve better Productivity and Greater Flexibility.

The service delivery model supports businesses to avail “Pay as you go model” for virtualized servers and associated services for application design and development and testing along with managed services. Platform as a Service (PaaS is a core layer of cloud computing architecture which lies in the middle between IaaS and SaaS.

PaaS include the components like operating system, data base, software and operational tools that lets businesses to get their network up and running. PaaS model is mainly aimed for the developers that enables to run applications without any difficulty in maintaining the hardware and software. As a PaaS offering provider we handle all the operational tasks, including configuring, monitoring, and updating the businesses cloud-based network. We can deploy PaaS as Public or Private, or even a Hybrid based on the requirements of the organization, which in turn helps to increase flexibility, reduce time to market, and seamless deployment.

Major Advantages of Paas
• PaaS supports the complete SDLC and delivering web applications and services on the internet
• PaaS supports to deploy, test, host and maintain application in the same integrated development environment (IDE)
• PaaS reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
• PaaS offers “pay as you use” pricing model
• PaaS is a tailored-offering for agile software development methodologies



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