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Generate a quick report of crucial facts from a large amount of data

Infotree’s ClicReport is an On-demand BI solution which helps organizations in reporting and data analytics through which they can easily transform the way they make decisions anytime and anywhere.

ClicReport enables businesses to provide an easy access to the preferred information for the authentic people irrespective of location and time. ClicReport can help in generating a business performance driven report in an easy way and in less time that supports them to drive a smart business strategy with a long-term stability.


ClicReport is an ‘On-demand BI’ or can be called as ‘BI in the cloud’. By using this, an organization can draw the maximum cost advantages of a cloud-based BI infrastructure wherein costs associated with on premise BI infrastructures are commonly high.

ClicReport helps stakeholders of the organizations to consolidate all their enterprise business intelligence data into easily readable dashboards and charts. Then the  organizations can quickly get the reports which provides information to the most granular level of point.

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