Why Software Testing on Cloud?

Cloud-based software testing services provides “pay as you test model”, agility, automation, mitigates infrastructure and resource costs that help businesses to improve revenue by eliminating the traditional approach of testing.

Business agility enhancement – A formation of gap between IT and the business evolves when a typical IT organization that practices inadequately designed testing methods. Organization’s IT operations are challenged to manage with all the requests it receives from multiple internal teams and finds it difficult to prioritize tasks. On the flip side, business pressurized to bear delay since it causes exceed of significant time and money. With arrive of Cloud based software testing services companies; these problems are minimized to a greater level with the potential advantages.

Instant Availability – With quick availability, business are enabled to avail cloud based test services quickly removing any delay. Quick to access provision can directly help the escalation of business in terms of revenue and volume.

Cloud-based software testing


One of the great features Cloud computing provides is Self-Servicing through this the test professionals can instantly produce their own test environment keeping IT team away. Self-Servicing will assist them to initiate their operations at an initial stage of testing cycle. With the reduction in release cycle and with the quick delivery and comprehensive test coverage the business can elevate big profits with the improvement in the quality on the other side.

Cloud testing features include flexibility – Cloud testing is potential to make the test field a replica of the production field. The load produced to test the Application performance is an equalizer to scenario eliminating any geographical restriction. The test environment can be regulated at quick pace with no restriction on demand. Any updates in the test development or test environment can be incorporated right away making it an extremely flexible framework. One of the substantive advantages of Cloud based testing includes instant availability of test environment which can be integrated with automation. If there is any need for new test environment emerges, a short script will begin providing the server automatically within minutes. This can be done for multiple times with no need of human intervention saving significant time and manual activity.

Infotree’s ClicTest platform is a software testing solution provides Cloud-based testing services integrated with agility and automation that helps companies to reduce software testing costs, mitigate infrastructure (installing, maintaining, and licensing internal testing environments) costs, reduce resource costs by availing pay as you test model.

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