Cloud Computing: The Future is now!

Twenty years back when I was going to school, I saw a poster saying watch Jurassic Park in ‘DTS’. I was astonished and asked my physics teacher what is DTS? She said it is ‘Digital Theatre Systems’ and now we say it is ‘Digitalization’ which is ‘The future technology’. A few years back when I was at lunch with my fellow peers, they were debating about ‘Cloud Computing’ and called it a ‘Future Technology’.

So is Cloud Computing the technology of future, or next future or near future or a Hail Mary Pass in the history of technology?


There is no doubt that IT Professionals, Organizations, Technical Scientists and many more people have been talking about Cloud Computing for a few years now. It has made such an impact that even Organizations who always think only about what is the best approach for their business growth also started saying that Cloud Computing is the best solution for their business. But the question we often hear is, ‘Can Organizations completely rely on Cloud’?

Strategies on Cloud:

Ask any professional who talks about Cloud what is their strategy on Cloud Computing? You may listen from them that it is called the top management assessment. When an organization implements and executes a strategy, their main goal will be to gain paybacks while reducing hitches and to analyse on what areas of functionality can cloud computing actually help that organization.

Is it the right time to migrate?

Migrating to cloud is a very easy operation for an outsider because you can easily win your proposal in front of your investors but there are still some concerns about the safety of the organizational data stored in cloud but this can be solved without any precincts.

Cost Effective:

There are some good tariffs swinging around in some brochures like ‘pay-per-use’ which may sound inexpensive and there are some monthly and annual subscriptions also available based on the requirement and usage. So it’s always advisable to contemplate the most cost-effective subscription based on your prerequisites.


You can’t say that one technology will rule the future because every day new technology comes in and makes the older one to shade out. Now ‘Cloud’ has become a one stop solution for every hybrid, public and private sectors. In fact, cloud computing is not the future technology but the future is now Cloud.


We all know that a coin has both the ends. So, every cloud does not have a silver lining. In fact, clouds can turn a sunny day to a dull grey day. So, do not always rush in. It is always suggestible to do your homework and understand all your options and how each option will impact your business. If you’re implementing a cloud application on grounds of speed and cost, then take a pause for a few moments and think through the implications once rather rushing in.

Whenever you’re switching to new application or position, it will either drive up the sales or drive down your operational costs or preferably both. By making knowledgeable decisions, cloud computing can offer business value, choice and flexibility to you which will be the most convincing reasons for implementing a new application on cloud.

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