Software Testing Trends in 2014

“Global Software Testing Services Market Will Reach at CAGR of 5.41% in 2016:”

We bring you some of the cutting-edge trends that significantly affect Testing Services Industry in 2014 and beyond. Let’s have a look at some of the latest trends in software testing 2014: Open source tools, Agile testing, Performance testing, Security testing, Cloud Testing, Crowd Testing, Dev-Ops, Social and Big Data testing, Application Performance Monitoring and Mobile test automation tools.


Software testing companies to gain momentum
The upcoming years will be a very crucial for software testing service providers as they would be enabled to face a new model of performing and offering software testing services. Independent software testing providers will achieve momentum than the IT services providers as their software testing services are expected to grow. Software Testing has came forth as a key activity in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and plays a critical role in production release.

Testing Platform as a Service (TPaaS)
Testing Platform as a Service (TPaaS) is turned out to be the fast-emerging trend among various other software testing trends of 2014. This service has the potentiality to provide custom-made test environment as an innovative and flexible end-to-end software testing solution for the clients, through which they can easily test software application functionality, performance, security and other types of testing. TPaaS helps organizations reduce investments in testing tools, test environments, testing resources and maintaining essential infrastructure. Testing Platform-as-a-Service enables organizations to develop high quality application and reduce time to market. The other Software testing trends such as Cloud-based testing, Crowd-sourced testing, Model-based testing, Mobile App Automation Testing are high in demand.

Need for testing services in IT sectors
Software testing services and solutions would be used in IT sectors for large application portfolio such as BFSI, Retail, Entertainment, High Tech, Energy, Life sciences and Utilities. Digital Enterprises are in need of software testing services.

Need for advantageous software testing service providers
The rise of the demand for enterprise Mobility, Online activity, Cloud and Big Data, adoption of Enterprise App Stores, Responsive web will demand for highly effective software testing service providers.

Need for diverse testing professionals
Organizations need to employ test professionals supported by expertise in open source tools, agile testing, Performance testing, Security testing, Cloud Testing, Dev-Ops, Social and Big Data testing, Application Performance Monitoring and last but not least Mobile test automation tools.

Organizations are looking to deal disruptions that occurred due to arrive of highly energetic mobile application development people; innovative crowd sourced testing vendors, enthusiastic weekend testing vendors and others.

Cost-effective, flexibility and feasibility expansion, cloud-based testing is a substantial era and will benefit enterprises but demands perfect pre-engagement assessments and agreements within global service delivery model that meets security demands as well.

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