SQA Challenges in Mobile Application Testing

With the diversity in device and platform, pressure to deliver in a short time, shortage of enhanced testing tools and various network connectivity options that leads in exceeding of testing costs and cross deadlines. These are some of the current challenges in the mobile application testing environment. To perform cutting-edge mobile application testing, various strategic factors of SQA are imperative. Organizations can follow few mobile app testing strategies such as performing mobile application testing on different devices, different platforms with unique mobile requirements that should be verified under every real-world condition. And the empowered blend of manual and automation test tools to span both functional and non-functional testing that are imperative for delivering mobile applications into the market on time and without crossing budget.

Mobile applications have been consciously growing at quick speed since last few years. And it has been seen that every major company is rapidly providing applications for internal use. Other side, a flood of applications competing to catch a user’s eye, putting an effort to grow the bar to a higher level is compulsory for the success of an application.

Inadequate-quality mobile applications just not only gather user rejection, but also affects on revenue and brand reputation. Faulty applications can cost the productivity.



Why Mobile Application Testing is Different?
Mobile application testing is most difficult and time-consuming when compared to desktop and web application testing. The shortage of one-stop testing platform for mobile application testing, organizations have been testing their mobile applications on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian and more.

Device diversity is a major issue for Android devices, since each device comprises different screen size, resolution and form factor (a mobile phone’s size, shape, style, layout and position of the phone’s major components). Frequent OS updates and short release cycles results in testing team to engage with testing new application features against a new OS version. Mobile applications run in a specialized environment where application activity can be affected by changes in network connectivity, alerts and notifications and touch screen sensitivity.


This specialized environment needs more testing to assure that the behavior of an application is acceptable in real world conditions. All the above factors are responsible for making testing mobile applications expensive. To figure out the difficulty of testing mobile apps, it is imperative to figure out various aspects of an application that required to be tested with SQA. ClicTest is a software/web/mobile application testing solution that helps organizations to achieve assured error-free and quality mobile applications and expedite time to market.

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