Why Automation Testing?

In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations face the challenge to keep up and enhance the quality and efficiency of software products due to lack of an effective software testing process.

This results in an inadequate product quality followed by customer disappointment and eventually the overall expenditure increases.

The factors behind these increased costs are mainly poorly prepared test strategy, time consumption for creating test cases, delay in performing tests and later test maintenance.

A test automation tool can resolve these challenges and help quickly enhance the development method of a software application in many cases.

Why Automation Testing?

Test automation would come in very handy to test software applications that are scheduled to deliver in a short time and it is a good investment in terms of saving time and money.

Test professionals put rigorous efforts in detecting all possible defects in the product before release, but even after exhaustive testing they cannot find all bugs with the best manual testing method.


Automation testing resolves this challenge and provides a way to increase the coverage of software testing and find more bugs in less time.

Automated tests are executed quickly and often that becomes a cost advantage for software products.

Newly created test cases will be continuously added to existing automation in parallel to the software development itself.

Automation testing helps organizations meet their goal in software development processes to release the product on time.

A test automation tool is a key part of successful software projects as it includes some of the features wherein test professionals are enabled to playback pre-recorded and predefined actions, asses the results to the expected behavior and report the pass or failure.

Automated Software Testing helps on some of the critical parameters like cost, schedule, and quality that are essential to the success of any software development and product. With ever-increasing economic pressures of resources and cost reductions, leading organizations have to quickly adapt automation to accelerate time to market as well as cut testing budgets.

Many software development organizations consider automated software testing as highly expensive, difficult to carry out, but Infotree’s ClicTest is a software test automation solution that helps companies prove a test budget by providing help in performing test in an easy and effective way. One of the advantages of ClicTest is that it helps organizations improve their software product quality by enabling to perform effective testing in short time.

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