Software Testing Trends in 2014

“Global Software Testing Services Market Will Reach at CAGR of 5.41% in 2016:” We bring you some of the cutting-edge trends that significantly affect Testing Services Industry in 2014 and beyond. Let’s have a look at some of the latest trends in software testing 2014: Open source tools, Agile testing, Performance testing, Security testing, […]

SQA Challenges in Mobile Application Testing

With the diversity in device and platform, pressure to deliver in a short time, shortage of enhanced testing tools and various network connectivity options that leads in exceeding of testing costs and cross deadlines. These are some of the current challenges in the mobile application testing environment. To perform cutting-edge mobile application testing, various strategic […]

Why Automation Testing?

In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations face the challenge to keep up and enhance the quality and efficiency of software products due to lack of an effective software testing process. This results in an inadequate product quality followed by customer disappointment and eventually the overall expenditure increases. The factors behind these increased costs are mainly […]

Why Software Testing on Cloud?

Cloud-based software testing services provides “pay as you test model”, agility, automation, mitigates infrastructure and resource costs that help businesses to improve revenue by eliminating the traditional approach of testing. Business agility enhancement – A formation of gap between IT and the business evolves when a typical IT organization that practices inadequately designed testing methods. […]

How to improve Return on Investment in Software Quality Testing?

Performing software quality testing to catch bugs at every stage of the software product development costs less when compared to find and fix problems after the entire software product is being developed. There is no huge margin of return on investment in software testing, if and only if the organization planning to sell testing service […]