Why is it Advantageous to Outsource Your Software Testing Activities?

By outsourcing software testing services to Infotree, SMEs can reap advantages in terms of Cost, Time & Money. Since Infotree uses its Next-Generation software testing solutions that in turn helps SMEs in mitigating defects and maximizing quality for the applications.

SME’s can experience significantly reduced overall costs in Software Testing activities with better quality and reduced time to market by outsourcing software products and applications testing to Infotree.

Problem Statement

With a continuous increase in the demand for quality software applications in the market and SMEs which cannot invest in testing activities, all the companies are compelled to provide affordable, reliable, and high quality applications to sustain a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing market. This critical situation pressurizers many SMEs to depend on outsourced software testing services providers who can offer robust benefits in efficiency, quality, productivity and revenue within a very short time. A general widespread notion illusion is that outsourcing is a challenge and it leads to heavier expenditure. And as Technology is growing very rapidly and is becoming increasingly more vital to business performance, the function of software testing has become crucially important and key operational.

Basic Overview

Software is turning out to be an important aspect in the digital world because the web provides businesses with unique ways of servicing customers. Defects and major defects in the software can be costly. Most of the SME’s perform software testing within the development process due to cost constraints in terms of time, money and human resources. This in turn leads them to expedite the outsourcing of software testing. The mission critical applications are increasingly being tested by third party suppliers as SMEs endeavor to mitigate the high costs connected with software failure. The SME’s also want a reduction in huge investments needed for highly effective in-house testing activities. Outsourcing software testing services enables an organization to focus on core business activities. Software Testing Outsourcing mitigates the high costs associated with hidden software defects and also lessens the need to invest heavily on rigorous in-house testing processes, resources, software and hardware.

How to Outsource

• Determine what to outsource
• SMEs can outsource a complete function or only a part of software testing activities
• Define an outsourcing strategy
• Develop a high level business case
• Define Request for Proposal
• Search for an apt Outsourcing partner
• Evaluate Proposals
• Negotiate contract
• Establish governance
• Define split of work
• Perform Service Level Management

A right business-centric approach to outsourcing testing can help reap cost, operational and performance benefits. Outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core business and can create a competitive advantage by reducing operational costs.

Infotree as a Software testing service provider

Infotree leverages its proprietary software testing solution called ClicTest, which helps Infotree’s testing team to perform a high quality testing within a short time. Infotree’s software testing project managers can closely work with clients to understand the testing requirements and provide assurance on highly effective testing. Infotree possesses exclusive specialized software testing team which provides high quality software testing.

Infotree’s  ClicTest, a simplified software testing solution has evolved through a rigorous research by the testing professionals who carry many years of experience in delivering highly precise testing service to the clients of diverse industries. Infotree’s expert testing team can perform software testing services like Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing and End-to-End testing using  ClicTest.

Infotree’s test professionals located onshore or offshore have access to  ClicTest through which they deliver effective testing services and they follow standardized methodologies. These methodologies can help companies achieve greater testing operational efficiencies and more precise measurement of the project till delivery. At any point, a company can communicate with the Infotree’s ClicTest test management to check the status of their project. Infotree’s ClicTest also facilitates report generation on every test performed which becomes enormously valuable to the business especially in avoiding business risks.


Software testing is one of the major opportunities for enterprises to reduce IT expenses and enrich efficiency through outsourcing. Traditional pain points associated with software testing such as inadequate testing and poorly defined requirements, poorly defined processes, inadequate knowledge on actual testing costs can be overcome by selecting an expert software testing service partner like Infotree’s ClicTest which provides reliable and highly effective testing services.

Infotree provides software testing outsourcing services using its proprietary next-generation software testing solution called ClicTest.

SME’s can reduce a significant amount of costs in terms of money, time and resources by outsourcing software testing activities to Infotree whose testing method includes:
• Using automated and manual coupled efficient and effective software testing services.
• A value-driven-well-crafted and easier testing method
• High standards of performance to ensure delivery on time

About Infotree and its software testing platform called ClicTest

Infotree is specialized in providing cost-effective, cutting edge, reliable, diverse-domain IT solutions and services to the clients, which help them to find an apt approach to improve business performance by evaluating their immediate needs. Infotree’s cloud based IT services help the clients in achieving better returns on investments. Infotree helps its clients in making huge profits besides giving them a scope to improve their reputation and standing in the market. Infotree is established in 2006 with the corporate head office in UK and the branch offices in Netherlands, US, and India.
ClicTest is an innovative software testing solution developed by Infotree’s well-experienced software developers with the help of the requirements provided by its expert QA team.