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Job title: ServiceNow

Job Type: Contract

Location: Knutsford/Radbroke, UK

Job Description:

  • 5+ years of ServiceNow experience in designing, developing and delivering ITSM 
  • Expertise in Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Contract Management, Service Catalog, Reporting Modules 
  • Configured Applications using ServiceNow tool used in ITIL management 
  • Functional and technical knowledge of the ServiceNow platform 
  • Experience in delivering medium to large scale ServiceNow implementations 
  • ServiceNow System Administrator Certification is a plus 
  • The integration must happen through ServiceNow MID Server which is an on-prem component. There should not be any cloud to cloud integration.
  • The integration must do the data sync from Absolute to ServiceNow in batches and storage the data in staging tables. This data sync is unidirectional i.e from Absolute to ServiceNow.
  • Update the exiting Asset CI with the feed received from Absolute and make necessary changes to lists, forms & UI, UI Actions, Business Rules, etc
  • Generate Incidents for email alerts generated from Absolute for offline devices
  • Develop scripts for Device Freeze and Device Wipe leveraging the Absolute API and create approval workflows to perform these actions through ServiceNow

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