Functional Testing

The functionality of a software application is a vital aspect and it should be rigorously tested by the testing professionals to find any break in the functionality before it is delivered to the client.

Functional testing assures the quality application is offered to the clients to reveal faults, weakness, and any hidden bugs. This type of testing is performed to identify and report the functionality issues of an application and we at Infotree ensure to deliver quality product to our clients.

Infotree has a comprehensive testing strategy for Functional testing which ensures to test any application in a right way. Based on the requirements of the clients, we design various functional strategies which helps the clients to get defect free software applications. Our functional testing services are designed in a way, which are capable of detecting all possible bugs early in SDLC which keeps the cost of bug fixing very low.

Our Functional Testing Services include:

• Smoke Testing
• Sanity Testing
• Re-Testing
• Regression Testing


Global Delivery Model

Infotree Global delivery model is designed based on highly efficient and secured cloud-based infrastructure that ...