We help organizations drive innovation and business growth through our unparalleled IT Services

Architecture and Technology Services

Infotree is committed to provide state-of-the-art Architecture and Technology services that drives organizations via defined IT based Architecture Road-Map, Enterprise Architecture Review, Enterprise Architecture Deployment Services and Governance while consistently analyzing changing factors to connect business needs with sufficient IT capabilities.

Our Services also include:

  • Assessment
  • Strategy Planning
  • Architecture Road-map Definition
  • Capacity Planning
  • Software Development
  • Product Development
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting Services
  • Cost and Productivity Optimization
  • Migration to Cloud Consulting Services



Application testing through passionate global software testers With the rapid increase in the launch of a wide range of software applications, quality attributes like functionality, performance,


Generate a quick report of crucial facts from a large amount of data Infotree's ClicReport is an On-demand BI solution which helps organizations in reporting and


A single platform for preferred IT Experts, Solutions and Training Infotree has designed a unique platform called ClicExperts which provides On-demand IT Solutions, On-demand IT Experts,

Global Delivery Model

Infotree Global delivery model is designed based on highly efficient and secured cloud-based infrastructure that ...