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Client Benefits

We welcome SMEs from across the globe to join as clients for their software products and applications and get them tested through a workforce of professional software testers.

It is very simple to join as a client and post description of the software testing requirements by filling a simple registration form on ClicSource portal. ClicSource test project managers can provide clients with a detailed test plan which has specified timelines and provides cost advantages based on your requirements. ClicSource test professionals with diverse software project testing expertise will test software application using different testing methods based on clients’ choice of platforms, browsers, and devices, or requirements.

Expert bug reviewers at ClicSource manage the software testing project effectively and review all bugs posted by its test professionals. Bug reviewers only identify critical bugs as per the client’s requirements and provides report of only those critical bugs to the clients. The bug reports help clients to save a lot of time and improve application quality.

SME’s can approach Infotree’s ClicSource for affordable and effective software testing of their Web applications, enterprise applications and Mobile applications.

Benefits for the clients

• One-Stop Testing Solution for Web/Mobile/Enterprise Applications
• Diverse Software Testing Professionals
• Application Testing through Valid Workforce of Software Testers
• Application Security and Confidentiality
• Instantaneity: Delivery of Test results in a short time
• Bug review through ClicSource CoE
• No upfront payments
• Reduced Product Time to Delivery
• Pay only for Critical Bugs
• Find Critical Issues in the Application at the Earliest
• Highly Secured Testing Process



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