A single platform for preferred IT Experts, Solutions and Training

Infotree has designed a unique platform called ClicExperts which provides On-demand IT Solutions, On-demand IT Experts, On-demand IT Training. Organizations that looking out for taking their business to next level while seamlessly running their operations can approach ClicExperts for effective and affordable solutions. These solutions help in meeting specific and immediate On-demand needs of the organizations.

IT experts of ClicExperts carry immense knowledge and experience in delivering appropriate and tailor-made solutions that help organizations to build a sustainable competitive advantage in business.

We provide On-demand IT experts who are flexible and can work as per the organizations immediate and long term needs.

We can help organizations with a quick access to a pool of focused, performance-ready technology resources when they are in a situation that demands immediate requirement of relevant tech-expert to their business needs. We have vast and varied technology skilled professionals, who are quick in understanding the client’s specific requirements and working with best efforts accordingly.

On-Demand IT Expert Offerings include


Expert Recruitment


  • • Post a Resource Requirement
  • • Search the Resource Database
  • • Shortlist Resources
  • • Find a Suitable Resource
  • • Cloud Interview
  • • Select the apt Resource

It is hard to listen baseless advises from all the people around you all the time, but our expert team with tremendous knowledge and experience of past, and current will update you on next-generation technologies and provide best possible solution that is assured to make your business compete and beat the leading businesses through affordable, time saving technologies.

Request for a preferred solution selecting from our list of IT solutions provided by our IT experts working for diverse domains. This help you to resolve your technology issue by using our expert’s solution. We deliver solutions to the businesses of all sizes, tech professionals, and tech enthusiasts across the globe.

On Demand Solution Offerings include

Solution on Cloud

• Post a Query or Project Requirement
• Get the Solution
• Request for Demo
• Schedule Demo
• Shortlist the Suitable Solutions
• Get Started with Apt Solution

We can provide quality IT training programs using cloud as a platform as per the existing and New-Generation technologies used in diverse industries.

Our team of extensively experienced IT specialists can help technology training seekers with a preferred technology programs on an on-demand basis. A training seeker can choose their choice of technology from our multiple technology training programs. Infotree instructors and training coordinators carry real-world experience in diverse technology implementations, planning, designing, deploying, and supporting which can be very beneficial for the training seekers.

• On-demand training
• Cloud Training Programs
• Post a Training Requirement
• Search the Knowledge Base
• Shortlist the Suitable Training Programs
• Schedule a Demo
• Get Started with the Training Program

On-Demand offerings provides organizations with more flexible contract periods and more transparent pricing models – keeping it short, the users are enabled to pay only for the use that they actually need.

• Reduce Time to find Solution
• Avail Solutions on Cloud
• Post your Requirements to get Domain and Technology Experts Training and Solutions
• Single Platform to get Solutions for your queries
• Video CVs
• Cloud Interviews
• Online Demo

Our on-demand IT solutions enables SMEs to obtain IT expertise on a flexible and cost-efficient basis for their technology hindrances.

This in turn helps them to grow their businesses faster and operate them more effectively and profitably than ever. And enables SMEs to mitigate expensive, time-consuming process of maintaining in-house IT operations.

We provide IT Experts, Solutions and Training programs using our global delivery model which enables organizations to avail domain specific technology experts, solutions and training as per their requirements.