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Talent Enablement Services

How do you as a business owner separate between average agency service providers and a prominent trusted recruitment partner? Infotree is the sole talent management company that brings to you recruitment services from consulting on talent enablement strategy to managing the end-to-end method for a vital hire. Our well Managed Talent Enablement Services is a right solution for the organizations with single/multiple roles, which need support covering entire recruitment process from creating the job advertisement to resource offer. We catch a holistic view of our client requirements in the circumstance of your business strategy, with settled recruiting practice and an evidenced record of successfully employing hundreds of openings helping them to hire the well qualified resources, and retain better-performing employees. We know that our client aware of that locating the perfect talent on time and at a price is important to their future prosperity. Our recruiters carry a huge experience with all levels including skilled, technical, managerial and executive openings. Our method assists you link up with improved market talent from our large database that comprises emerging skilled people and also veterans with niche skills. Our Services runs as an extension of your inner recruiting capability, handing newly sourced, screened and pre-qualified resources for your hiring method. Blending up the industry’s best practices and fresh innovations, our firm provides its customers an alternative solution in the talent-enablement industry. With multi-pronged approach for sourcing resources, involving an array of resources that also includes Internet research, tapping and networking for referrals, expert organization and list of industries and corporate directories. Our approach is cost effective and generates quality results. All you need to is just pick up the phone or drop us an email. We’re here to assist!

Contract Staffing Services

Contract staffing basically includes hiring employees on a temporary part and you are under no responsibility to convert them full time employees. Contract employees will join your company to work with your project for the amount of time that you require them and not for further working. The period of time is generally pre-fixed. The time limit is most of the times depends on project. For example, you required a contract employee for a particular project that will take only three months. Temporary Staff form outstanding resources when you are lack of staff and required some replacements temporarily. Contract employees come into play big role when your permanent employees on long leave and you required a replacement right away to handle pending work.

Infotree can offer skilled resources on big technologies including Java, Dot Net and Testing to name a few.

Responsibilities of Infotree
• Payment of salaries
• Entire payroll related tax and the reporting of tax
• Complete employment pertained regulatory compliance like PF and ESIC
• 'Workers' compensation and Risk management
• Client Gains
• Removal of Payroll accounting
• Decreased hiring and administration cost.
• Unemployment issues can be prevented
• Cut down in workers compensation disclosure
• Immediate availability of talent.

Contract to Hire Staffing Services

Infotree’s Contract to hire staffing service provides ideal and skilled employees to the client for their project for certain period of time the duration of the employee stay at the project would depend on initial agreement with the client about employee duration on the work under our payroll. Keeping it short, Contract to hire service suggest that, first of all the resource would be working on contractual basis with the company for a certain period of time. When the contract is up, if they decide to hire you full time, they will.

For the employer:-

Mitigates the time need to get and screen a new applicant. This translates to conclusive functions on cost and time savings. Lets them to react immediately to internal needs and bring on board employees who are pre qualified and conversant with the firm culture.

For the employee:-

Higher understanding of the firm’s environment makes the person a normal fit and lets him to get operational best. Satisfying work relationships lead a higher performance and rapid growth.

Permanent Staffing

With over eight years of expertise, Infotree provides clients the optimal available resources for escalating operations on a big scale. Recruiting hundreds of resources at the freshers and middle level positions and over hundred senior level professionals endorses Infotree's expertise. Our approach is unique from common consultants. Infotree follows decent and right practices in the IT Industry.

We have an active database of over 300k resumes and increasing, Infotree has comprehensive expertise in the quest for executives to fill high-level positions by our professional recruiters and pulls down the right resources in less than five hours. 'Infotree employees’ are smart professionals allowing clients to close positions on complete skills and levels.

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