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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Delivering Performance-Ready Talent

Infotree Ltd integrates the clever recruitment technologies and processes to rapidly and more effectively provide engaged, performance-ready employees to increase better business results. We carry a complete suite of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services to meet your specific talent ability needs.

Infotree's Recruitment Process Outsourcing services behave as your company's internal recruitment function for a section or all of its jobs. We manage comprehensive recruiting/hiring process from job profiling to the new hire on boarding also covering staff, technology, and method and reporting. Our rich experienced and agile RPO Consulting team acts as an extension to our client's business, takes over complete responsibility for the strategy and all the compliances linked with managing a vital business process and make sure Cost efficiency, end-to- end functionality, long lasting process enhancement, flexibility and building reputation of the employer with included benefits of assisting HR and line managers to focus on strategic functions. Our RPO would be a great option for companies that are lack on internal recruiting people, by outsourcing recruitment; the company can focus on other initiatives.

Quality and Quick Delivery.

Availing experienced professional recruiter team can enhance the hire quality and the rapid pace with which you place open positions.

Expected or unexpected large staffing requirements

We as a partner can assist satisfy hiring needs, and build your staff up or down keeping cost efficiency in mind.

Non-stop Tracking and Compliance.

Our RPO services can deal and make sure adherence to all required compliance measures inside the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process.

Employment Brand.

As a committed RPO partner, can focus on making sure a right experience for resources.

• Mitigate operating costs
• Concentrate on the core business
• Design a changeable cost structure
• Enhance quality of recruiting process
• Get "Top class" Expertise & Technology

Vendor Management

Energetic Infotree consulting functions as a master vendor enables clients to reduce time and cost linked with staffing and recruitment to a greater level than ever before. Our services help enhancing quality and productivity while lowering costs. Most of the companies dealing with many recruitment providers are mostly unable to get the optimal and consistent value for money. The company's own line managers are needed to be more involved than requirement blurring focus on their core functions and responsibilities. Managing multiple recruitment providers in this way

Suggest that companies not aware of the true recruitment cost and struggle inconsistent service delivery. A master vendor relationship with Infotree Consulting just not spots the true cost of recruitment, but that cost is offered through a single invoice. The chain of recruitment supply is enhanced, reducing the unit recruitment cost. The service model also allows the basement for explicit service standard managed in a Service Level Agreement and the delivery of requested management information dealing all recruitment functionality. Infotree consulting’s service is provided to clients either a direct staff provider or on a neutral basis where we cannot offer any staff directly and only manage the vendor group in support to the client.

On-site Managed Services

Infotree’s Contract to hire staffing service provides ideal and skilled employees to the client for their project for certain period of time; the duration of the employee stay at the project would depend on initial agreement with the client about employee duration on the work under our payroll. Keeping it short, Contract to hire service suggest that, first of all the candidate would be working on contractual basis with the company for a certain period of time. When the contract is up, if they decide to hire you full time, they will.

For the employer:-

Infotree Consulting is also best at On-site Managed Services as some of the clients urge us to coordinate and manage the recruitment, staffing and other human capital management services provision at their own premises, specifically when they want the process to be done in a fast way. The benefits of this approach for us and for our clients are many since we get integration into the clients business and culture. The results features improved management and co-ordination of the service method, closer engagement with client operational staff to providing improved communication to needs and the development of requested operational and financial management information, when we get to use the clients systems and processes.

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